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Machining Service

Qianxun is equipped with rich kind of processing machines of more than 400 sets, including Taiwan Meirui 1450T aluminum extrusion production line, Taizhong 3000T aluminum profile extrusion production line,more than 300 sets high speed CNC processing center,35 sets precision stamping line, full complete aluminum surface treatment line include polishing line, auto sand blasting machine,auto brushing machine, one anodization workshop etc.


Customer Case

Apple’s new headquarters lighting aluminum shell project, Apple spacecraft headquarters building is the new headquarters building of Apple in the United States. It was designed by Jobs before his death. It covers an area of 2.8 million square feet, bigger than the Pentagon building. Our company cooperates with world-renowned commercial lighting companies to fully cooperate with the implementation of this project. Basically all lighting fixture profiles, fixtures, LED backplanes and dozens of products supporting the lighting system are in stable production.
Qianxun is the first-level agent of Xiaomi. Its main products are aluminum power bank shells and aluminum smart micro projectors. The daily demand for Xiaomi power bank shells is 200,000 pieces, and Qianxun can provide 100,000 pieces per day. mass production quantity satisfy customer's high demand.
eROCKIT is a leading manufacturer of vintage motorcycle,our company cooperates throughout the design process, we offered the whole aluminum parts including aluminum front fork fixture, aluminum hand brake, speedometer housing, motor shaft support etc. This motorcycle is now available in Western Europe and North America

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