How do we control product quality?

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As a aluminum process manufacturer, quality control and process management are very key points for factory’s development, Qianxun has always attached great importance to product quality control from material purchase to final quality inspection, each step has many inspection procedures, aluminum extrusion, CNC machining, surface treatment, to make sure product has no defect during production process.


Quality management system

 In its effort to provide well-constructed, perfectly functional products, Qianxun makes sure that it supports each production stage with the most advanced Quality Control methods. Specifically:

· In each production section, procedures are applied based on the very latest quality certifications (ISO 9001, OHSAS).

· Continuous renewing of measuring instruments and calibration of all control configurations – sensors.

· Statistical analysis and traceability of data from every quality control point.

· Quality assurance of alloy – certification of chemical composition.

· Staffed testing labs (Powder Coating), anodizing and mechanical properties).

· Our philosophy for providing our customers with optimum solutions, state-of-the art equipment and continuous staff training results in the minimization of errors and technical flaws, as well as the elimination of accidents.


Hazardous substance process management(IECQ certificate of conformity)

During the aluminum process manufacturing, there are some hazarouds substance discharge, we strictly follow IEC quality assessment system, especially for aluminum anodizing process, we had got government permission and certificate.



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