How aluminum extrusion profile be made?

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Aluminum extrusion is a process for creating parts with specific cross-sectional profiles by pushing heated aluminum alloy through a die. Aluminum Extrusion has innumerable applications across many different industries, including the architectural, automotive, electronics, aerospace, energy, medical and other industries. The use of aluminum extrusion in product design and manufacturing has became more and more important. Aluminum Extrusion is the process of shaping aluminum raw material, by forcing it to flow through a shaped opening in a die. The raw material is normally round aluminum bar, the most offen used material is alumiunm 6063 in aluminum extrusion. 


                                                                        6063 aluminum bar

The long aluminum bar will be cut into short bar in the cutting machine, cylindrical block of aluminum alloy, called a billet, is cut from a longer log of alloy material. Then feed into the aluminum extrusion press machine,It is preheated in an oven,to between 400-500 degrees celsius, and then through a aluminum extrusion die.


For different aluminum profile and production demand, we have different tons press machine for choice. 

580T 铝挤

                                                                              580T aluminum press machine  


                                                                          1450T aluminum extrusion press machine    


                                                 4000T aluminum extrusion press machine

 After aluminum raw material is shaped with the aluminum extrusion die, product will go out and need to be cooled on cooling bed.   


                                                                              Aluminum profile cooling bed 

 Then the aluminum profile will be cut into short length according to customer’s drawing. After aluminum extrusion, profiles can be heat treated to enhance their properties. profiles are put into ovens where their aging process is accelerated and they are brought to the T5 or T6 tempers. Then profiles will go into CNC machining workshop if there are precision machining requirements, sandblasting, polishing and anodizing treatment.


For more information about aluminum extrusion process, please refer our video


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