Aluminum Alloy Application In 3C Products

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As a user of 3C products, you will want your products to last forever, look good, light and delicate, with the ultimate texture. Aluminum has found the widest applications in the 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronic products) industries

Aluminum alloy is widely used in computers and computer interface equipment,

Including: notebook computers, tablet computers, desktop computers, keyboards, mice, routers

While you are enjoying the high-definition video and the sound of nature, you will also notice the existence of aluminum alloy. Image frame, audio panel or shell, the touch and beauty of aluminum alloy can bring you the ultimate enjoyment.


For most of 3C products, there need to be very high requirements for process and surface treatment,

Aluminum 3C products manufacturing process: Aluminum plate--CNC machining--wet sanding--    sandblasting/wiredrawing -- Anodizing-- Engraving-- Printing--Finished products assembly

What can we serve in 3C products?

With a more than 10 years aluminum process manufacturer, we fully understand customer’s process requirements and quality standard, our engineer analyze every product details and offer solutions, equipped with more than 500 sets CNC machining machines, satisfy mass production demand.

We turn your drawing into finished products.


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